Sunday, June 14, 2009

Here are some links to Math Forum results for various e-mail accounts I've used to post to sci.math.

Here are some links to Google Groups search results for these accounts I've used to post to USENET.

Sampling those there is plenty of garbage, still the interesting material in the mathematics is generally in the much longer posts. I've read them all before, so, I can see that the casual sampler would probably soon lose interest, probably distastefully, compared to what someone interested could derive in terms of real meaning. Mea culpa, Virgil's a troll.

Reading back to some of my earliest posts in the discussions about the mathematics of infinities and infinitesimals, while in hindsight some of them are naive, still I'm interested to see their general consistency in terms of the formal arguments. That is to say: I agree with what I said then and now, discarding interpersonal friction, my mathematical intuitions that I argue to this day are the same as then. (I like everybody.) Today I say the same things in more sophisticated ways that are more easily defensible in mathematical discussions. As well, I'm happy that in consideration of quite a variety of what were contentious mathematical topics, now they're settled my way. For example: half of the integers are even.

Basically these posts concern themselves with these topic areas: EF the natural/unit equivalency function, universals in theories, criticism of modern mathematics, and novel post-classical, post-modern, post-standard directions in establishing mathematical foundations consciously from technical philosophy, and novel applications in the polydimensional. Then other areas in mathematics to see consideration include those notions of the n-gonometry, the buildout of the factorial/exponential identity, then some simple things like the digit summation congruence. Also there's some good stuff on sci.physics.particle, and some general notions on computers.

I have a task to go about extracting meaningful content from those thousands of pages, and format it into professional formal presentation.

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