Thursday, October 7, 2010

Is "all categorical reasoning formally contradictory?" - via MathOverflow

I enjoy this article, it's discussed some limitations and directions for progress in the modern mathematics about how it's been discovered that modern mathematics isn't quite totally suitable for modern mathematics. (Of course that's rather strong.)

I enjoy it because it helps to bolster some few discussions I've promoted, that before were contentious, that I defended in their development on basic principles, and now don't have to anymore, standing for themselves among these others. It helps a lot that in some of these long-running discussions, it is somewhat more de rigueur these days to consider these features, there are new mathematics.

They're still looking for solutions to these things, or rather, still finding there are these features of the numbers that must be reconciled, out toward infinity and back. Luckily for me I already did, look.

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